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 Conventional World View of Cancer

This approach leads to a destructive forces being unleashed at cancer and the three main modalities are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

There is no doubt that in about 5% of cancers that the origin is due to DNA damage at the local level which when in the presence of a weaken immune system leads to uncontrolled growth and the subsequent metastatic spread. In such cases when the cancer is still early, adequate excision can result in high cure rates.

However, this theory cannot adequately explain the reason for an explosion of cancer epidemic in developed countries like America and Europe and the rapidly urbanizing countries in the rest of the world where large scale genetic change has not been proven.

In this world view of cancer there is very little understanding of the vital role DNA plays and how the DNA interacts with the environment. There is a poverty of thought which does not fully appreciate all the properties and qualities of the DNA.

Prime Cause of cancer

The best explanation for prime cause of cancer was offered by Otto Warburg and I reproduce a lecture originally delivered by him here (read more)



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