Integrative Cancer Care


Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act

Albert Einstein

In order to really make a difference in people’s lives, the knowledge  and the understanding about the innate healing power that each of us have in relation to the disease prevention and elimination needs to reach the masses, rather than one patient at a time.  

Although what is currently known about cancer prevention and healing is still evolving, it is also a fact that we know enough to be able to effectively treat this disease.  There is currently  wide interest in complementary and alternative cancer therapies (CAM) which you (or your conventional doctors) may not know of. 

This guide has been written to give you as a cancer patient, your caregivers and your family the information you need to make informed choices about your therapy.   It is also for those who are interested to find out more about ways of treating and preventing cancers (and also other degenerative diseases).   Understanding the root causes of cancer allows you to choose a treatment that you believe is best for you.  

This guide is also written with minimal medical jargon and in a simplistic manner such that it will be easily understood by a lay person.  Should you wish to find out more about any particular treatment, we recommend that you consult our medical specialist or other providers.  Please note that as the complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches in treating cancer are not widely known, you might not find many healthcare providers who would know the wide range of available therapies, and some may even  dismiss or ridicule it without having any knowledge about it.

Additionally, you may search for the information on the internet.  There are some websites that we have listed but this is by no means exhaustive.   Beware of information overload as well as unreliable and contradictory information. 

It is not possible to describe all the varied alternative and complementary methods that we employ at our treatment center.  This guide will focus on the more important aspects of nutrition and detoxification as a take home message for patients who have attended our counselling sessions which we held regularly.

We hope that the information given here will help you to gain control over your fears, analyze your diagnosis and put in place the most effective integrated cancer care program possible.   This guidebook is also relevant for those who have been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer.  

The ideas in this guide are meant to supplement the care and guidance of competent medical professionals.  This e-guide will constantly be updated to accommodate more information as appropriate.  We hope you find this guide helpful and we would also welcome feedback from you to make it more relevant.



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